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Integrated Ocean Bottom Seismic Services

From survey design to acquisition and data processing, OceanGeo provides an integrated offering of ocean bottom seismic services to help oil and gas companies achieve their geophysical and operational objectives.

Survey Design, Planning & Optimization

Survey design and planning lies at the foundation of a successful acquisition project. Our survey design experts plan seismic surveys to maximize image quality, operational efficiency and safety. By evaluating multiple configurations that account for obstacles, geology, sea floor conditions, safety and environmental factors, permitting and regulatory issues, and budget constraints, we can provide the most efficient survey plan that minimizes acquisition costs and reduces HSE risks.

Data Acquisition

Our experienced crew uses industry-leading ocean bottom acquisition technologies to acquire superior, multicomponent data, safely and efficiently. Utilizing ION’s VectorSeis® Ocean (VSO) & Calypso technologies, we are able to record the full seismic wavefield with unsurpassed vector fidelity, providing the highest resolution data in water depths ranging from 5 to 2,000m. This broad operating range offers increased flexibility enabling our team to work in the most challenging fields around the world.

Data Processing, Interpretation & Reservoir Services

OceanGeo provides data processing and interpretation services both directly and through ION imaging, an industry leader in multicomponent imaging. The ION imaging team understands the noise conditions unique to ocean bottom cable and node (OBC/OBN) acquisition and has pioneered techniques to leverage dual-sensor data to attenuate receiver-side multiples and broaden the signal frequency spectrum.  ION has developed a comprehensive suite of advanced algorithms that leverage both P-wave and converted wave data to dramatically improve complex subsurface imaging and reservoir attribute analysis in the ocean bottom environment.

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